Upriver Dam 360 Digital Tour Now Available!

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Upriver Dam 360 Virtual Tour Now Out there!

Kristen Zimmer, Conservation Plan Supervisor, 509.867.9462

Thursday, November 4, 2021 at 4:05 p.m.

Upriver Dam 360 Virtual Tour Now Available!

A single of Spokane’s historic gems, tucked away to the West of Felts Fields, is now offered to tour from the convenience of your house. The Upriver Dam and Pumping Station was created in 1894, starting to be the City’s next waterworks facility. It was for the duration of the building of this facility that superior-quality groundwater was very first learned and would finally be known as the Spokane Valley-Rathdrum Prairie Aquifer.

The Upriver Dam and Pumping Station has been running given that 1886 and now generates 70 million kilowatts of electric power and pumps an common of 5.8 billion gallons of h2o annually. Applying the energy generated at the dam to run pumps from two perfectly stations makes this facility even extra unique and aids hold water fees cost-effective for the neighborhood.

Abide by your tour guide on a stroll by way of the facility and at every single quit, you can glance all all over as you understand a minor historical past, listen to how things function and satisfy a handful of of the H2o Department’s competent personnel. It is the following ideal factor to getting there—maybe even superior as you can skip the boring sections!

Observe the virtual 360° tour.


If you’d like to visit Upriver in individual, you can call 509.742.8141 to plan a tour.

For extra methods to study about our drinking water procedure and conserving drinking water, visit our website or speak to the Metropolis of Spokane’s Water Office at 509.625.6800.

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