The world’s most alarming airplane landings

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(CNN) — When an airport was created on the mid-Atlantic island of St. Helena (above), it was to begin with dubbed the “world’s most ineffective” airport. That’s for the reason that wind shear on the cliffside runway originally manufactured it unsafe to land.

Nowadays the airport is up and functioning, but it really is a category C, that means that pilots have to be specially properly trained to land there. It really is not the only a single — here are some of the most spectacular (but also anxiety-inducing) airports about the planet.

Madeira, Portugal

Madeira is infamous for bumpy landings — which avgeeks like to enjoy.

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All those who go on trip to Madeira know that the island is notorious for tough landings — and often even no landings at all. The airport’s proximity to large terrain usually means turbulence and wind shear — sometimes extreme — on closing technique. The runway finishes at the cliff edge on both side — but luckily it is really a minimal a person, with a highway beneath it. Avgeeks are so fond of Madeira that the airport has constructed a system beside the runway to check out pilots give it their very best shot.

Leh, India

Flights to Leh are only scheduled for the mornings.

Flights to Leh are only scheduled for the mornings.


The 23rd best airport in the earth isn’t going to seem far too large… until finally you realize Leh airport sits at 10,682 ft higher than sea level. Surrounded by mountains, with a quick runway, it really is beset by potent winds in the afternoon, that means flights are restricted to mornings only. Widebody and hefty planes are not authorized, and all pilots landing here acquire distinctive training.

Sint Maarten

Beachgoers get a fantastic view of planes landing at Sint Maarten.

Beachgoers get a amazing see of planes landing at Sint Maarten.

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You really don’t have to be an avgeek to have watched movies of planes landing at Sint Maarten — social media is full of footage of jets landing at the Caribbean airport. Which is due to the fact the runway backs straight on to a seashore, this means that planes come in to land suitable overhead. While it seems fun, it really is hazardous things — in 2017, a lady was killed by a jet motor blast as she was hanging onto the airport fence with other swimsuit-clad visitors. For these on board, taking off is a little bit much more terrifying than landing — due to the fact you head straight for the mountain rearing up powering the airport.

Paro, Bhutan

Planes can only land during the day at Paro.

Planes can only land throughout the day at Paro.

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Cantilevered 7,364 toes higher than sea amount, Paro is Bhutan’s only global airport — however couple of pilots are cleared to land there, so tricky is the solution. Landings are only authorized in good visibility conditions (for starters, daylight) due to the fact you can find no radar, so planes need to make a handbook method. They need to also weave between hills and around homes before curving onto the runway.

London City, British isles

Planes dip around Canary Wharf before landing sharply at London City.

Planes dip around Canary Wharf in advance of landing sharply at London Town.

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Flying appropriate over a funds metropolis to land is an strange experience these days, but descending into London Town you can swoop close to the Metropolis of London’s skyscrapers, bank around Canary Wharf, and land at these a steep angle you will find the emotion of being in a helicopter. Getting off is equally invigorating.

Reagan Countrywide Airport, United states

Planes skim over the DC skyline when landing at Ronald Reagan airport.

Planes skim in excess of the DC skyline when landing at Ronald Reagan airport.

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In June 2021, when a Frontier Airways plane skidded off the runway at DC’s Ronald Reagan airport, just one passenger described it as a “minimal bit terrifying.” But you really don’t have to be associated in an incident to get the creeps in this article — the sharp switch planes make in close proximity to the Potomac River to line up with the runway, and the dodging of no-fly zones throughout the city, make this a challenging a person for pilots.

Innsbruck, Austria

Landing at Innsbruck is tougher than it seems to passengers.

Landing at Innsbruck is harder than it looks to travellers.

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Hugged by mountains, the money of Tyrol is a top skiing location — and a superb flight in. Or rather, the sights are. The problem for pilots is spectacular in a diverse way. Planes will have to dip in excess of a just about 8,000-foot peak, offer with wind shear gusting off the mountains, and, relying on the course of the wind, could even want to lender sharply to maneuver into place to land in the valley.

Congonhas, Brazil

Congonhas sits right in the middle of São Paulo.

Congonhas sits proper in the center of São Paulo.

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São Paulo’s domestic airport used to have a issue with drainage — a person so severe that it induced a lethal incident in 2007. Next that, the runway was resurfaced to accurate the challenge, but landing here can nonetheless sense pretty furry. Just a couple of miles from downtown — which in São Paulo indicates it can be still in the middle of the town — the one runway, which debuted in the 1930s, is surrounded by urban sprawl, that means you’ll be flying around condominium blocks and rooftops ideal until the very last instant.

Lukla, Nepal

With its short runway and a perilous drop at the end, Lukla is notorious.

With its shorter runway and a perilous drop at the finish, Lukla is notorious.

Markus Thomenius/Alamy

Mountains, wind shear and a brief runway — Lukla has it all. Frequently termed the world’s most hazardous airport, the gateway to Everest, in the mountains of Nepal, has its runway laid out on a cliffside between mountains — just 1,729 ft of it — dropping straight into an abyss at the conclusion. To help planes gradual down, it can be even slanted upwards. There is no scope for goarounds, both — if a plane is on final descent, it requirements to land. Continue to, the mountain sights are remarkable on the way down.

St. Helena

St. Helena airport made headlines when it was discovered that wind shear in its clifftop location made it difficult for planes to land.

St. Helena airport created headlines when it was learned that wind shear in its clifftop location produced it complicated for planes to land.

Simon Benjamin/Alamy

You can possible be in for a bumpy ride landing at St. Helena. Wind shear paired with a cliffside airport imply the planes are provided a great buffeting as they occur in to land. Deal with your eyes on the views of the Longwood plain, exactly where Napoleon was exiled, and of small capital Jamestown, created into a canyon crack with a single harbor. Originally only planned for compact aircraft, the runway was extended to accommodate a 757.