Sea of Thieves’ following adventure stars the game’s rarest shark

With Rare’s new update composition, Sea of Intruders players can log on and expertise constrained-time Adventures out in the planet. These compact scale updates offer you bites of narrative articles for players to investigate — like a mysterious fog encompassing the Golden Sands Outpost, or a daring raid to help save its inhabitants from stone forts elevated from the sea. When a person Adventure leaves, a further one particular will come to just take its put in the world. The upcoming Experience has players summon the legendary Shrouded Ghost megalodon in look for of a strong artifact.

Uncommon produced a brief cinematic teaser for the Shrouded Deep, in which very long-time character and star of the game’s initially expansion Merrick mutters ominously about artifacts, the worlds concerning, and the albino shrouded ghost shark. Merrick is interrupted when Belle, our ghost ally from previous Adventures, shows up on a recently restored ship: the Killer Whale. Prolonged time Sea of Intruders players will know the Killer Whale as a shipwreck Merrick once sailed that serves as a well known underwater landmark.

The Journey will be offered from April 21 by May possibly 12. These Adventures are restricted-time, and operate along with a conventional struggle pass-style time. Adventures are largely narrative, which implies a player can observe along with the overarching story when they’re taking part in. So much, we have noticed Spanish ghosts and spectral pirate mates, so it’s intriguing to assume about what could be subsequent.