Scots tour guide makes pals with Sharon Stone after recreating famous Basic Instinct scene

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A Scottish tour guide has sparked up an unlikely friendship with movie superstar Sharon Stone after recreating her famous Basic Instinct interrogation scene.

Andy McAlindon, who runs Highlander Tours, has gone viral with a number of online videos after transforming himself into a full-time 18th-century Jacobite warrior, but was shocked to discover the Casino and Total Recall star was following him on Instagram back in March.

So the 44-year-old, who is based in Kilmalcolm, decided to pay tribute to his most famous fan by sharing a clip of himself re-enacting the iconic scene as he uncrossed his legs while wearing a kilt.

Andrew offered his own kilted take on Sharon Stone’s famous Basic Instinct scene

Andy told the Daily Record: “When I saw she was following me I was very excited, to say the least.

“I decided to re-enact the scene but in my case, it was a kilted highlander version.”

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Andy’s version of the scene shows him in his tartan skirt, complete with white shirt, blonde wig and cigarette. But he made sure he covered his modesty, with a saltire emoji strategically placed between his legs.

The former electrician was then left gobsmacked when Stone shared the clip to her own Instagram stories, before sliding into Andy’s DMs.

Andy's hilarious recreation of that famous Basic Instinct scene
Andy’s hilarious recreation of that famous Basic Instinct scene

In a message to Andy, Stone wrote: “You rock” and “We Highlanders know what that means”, referring to the clips, which Andy took to mean that both of them were happy to ‘go commando’.

Andy added: “The whole interaction was surreal because I had a crush on Sharon Stone as a teenager when the movie first came out.

“When she said Highlanders know what it means, I’m sure she meant we both went commando.”

Andy shared his exchange with Sharon Stone
Andy shared his exchange with Sharon Stone

Andy’s has clip has since gone viral with thousands of people liking and sharing in their droves and the guide has also told how he has now invited the actress to come to Scotland and join him on a tour.

The delighted Scot guide gushed: “Hopefully, she takes me up on the offer to come on a tour one day.”

You can follow Andy on Instagram here.

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