Satisfy the community building basic Tomb Raider adventures in 2021

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The ’90s Lara Croft continue to life. While Crystal Dynamics reinvented Lara as Lady Rambo, focused enthusiasts are preserving her original lycra-clad incarnation combating fit many thanks to the enhancing resources integrated in 2001’s Tomb Raider V: Chronicles. Group hub hosts over 3,000 new adventures to participate in extra about the a long time, numerous total-duration online games packed with fresh new environments and enemies. 

For a lot more than 20 years admirers have been mastering and refining Chronicles’ tools, which allow you export standalone video games for uncomplicated sharing. Tomb Raider’s 25th anniversary has brought out the very best, while even 2021’s most notable releases are continue to just a sampling from a large vault of treasures.