Have a issue about downtown Burlington Iowa? Request Jerry Johnson.

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You are unable to say Jerry Johnson is Mr. Downtown — that moniker belonged to Bob Brueck.

You won’t be able to contact him Mr. Burlington — that was Tom Walz.

You never want to simply call him Mr. Jefferson simply because we previously had a president with that name.

Regardless of what you simply call Jerry Johnson, he is a single of Burlington’s most noticeable and approachable downtown individuals on Jefferson Street.

If you have been at Burlington Classic and Co. lately, or the Red Display Doorway, Capitol Theater or a Downtown Companions Inc. assembly, you most likely ran into Johnson.

If you happen to be from out of town, all you seriously have to do is stroll down Jefferson Avenue and Johnson will locate you.

In his job of citizen greeter, Johnson provides strangers a shiny window on downtown Burlington, via which they can grab a glimpse of the town’s vivid aura.