Costa Cruises: 2022 Deployment Breakdown

Costa Cruises just lately comprehensive a full restart program. The new software involves the company’s complete 12-ship fleet welcoming friends back again by mid-2022.

Although most of the capacity will be concentrated in the Western Mediterranean – exactly where Costa options to operate its two major and latest ships, the Costa Toscana and the Costa Smeralda – the Italy-based mostly brand name is also presenting cruises to the Japanese Mediterranean, Northern Europe and Asia.

Cruise Market News has looked into the company’s entire deployment.

Western Mediterranean

Costa Toscana
Potential (at 100% Occupancy): 5,224
Constructed: 2021
Homeports: Savona and Civitavecchia (Italy) Barcelona and Valencia (Spain) and Marseille (France)
Length: Four to seven nights
Itineraries: Western Mediterranean viewing Italy, Spain and France
Sailing Season: March 5 to November 20

Costa Firenze
Capacity (at 100% Occupancy): 4,232
Developed: 2020
Homeports: Genoa and Civitavecchia (Italy) Marseille (France) and Barcelona (Spain)
Size: Four to seven nights
Itineraries: Western Mediterranean going to Italy (including Sardinia and Sicily), Spain and France
Sailing Time: April 7 to November 24

Costa Smeralda
Potential (at 100% Occupancy): 5,224
Crafted: 2019
Homeports: Savona and Civitavecchia (Italy) Palma de Mallorca and Barcelona (Spain) and Marseille (France)
Length: Seven nights
Itineraries: Western Mediterranean visiting Italy (like Sicily), Spain and France
Sailing Period: May 7 to December 31

Costa Diadema
Potential (at 100% Occupancy): 3,700
Built: 2014
Homeports: Savona (Italy), Barcelona (Spain) and Marseille (France)
Size: Four to 14 evenings
Itineraries: Small cruises in the Western Mediterranean, in addition to more time sailings to Portugal, Gibraltar, Greece, Sicily, Turkey and more
Sailing Season: May 5 September 21 to Oct 23

Costa Fascinosa
Potential (at 100% Occupancy): 3,012
Developed: 2012
Homeports: Savona (Italy) Barcelona and Valencia (Spain) Lisbon (Portugal) and Marseille (France)
Size: 11 nights
Itineraries: Western Mediterranean and Atlantic, viewing Portugal, Gibraltar, Italy, France and Spain
Sailing Season: October 5 to November 24

Costa Favolosa
Ability (at 100% Occupancy): 3,012
Designed: 2011
Homeports: Savona (Italy) Barcelona, Tarragona and Valencia (Spain) and Marseille (France)
Length: Three to 11 nights
Itineraries: Limited cruises in the Western Mediterranean checking out Spain, Italy and France, adopted by 11-night time cruises to Italy, Spain, Gibraltar, France and Morocco in Oct and November
Sailing Season: April 10 to May well 12 October 9 to November 7

Costa Pacifica
Capability (at 100% Occupancy): 3,000
Constructed: 2009
Homeports: Savona (Italy), Marseille (France) and Barcelona (Italy)
Duration: 14 nights
Itineraries: Two-7 days cruises going to Italy, Spain, France, Morocco, Portugal, the Canary Islands and Madeira, in addition to brief cruises in the Western Mediterranean
Sailing Year: September 30 to November 29

Costa Luminosa
Capability (at 100% Occupancy): 2,260
Crafted: 2009
Homeports: Genoa (Italy), Barcelona (Spain) and Marseille (France)
Length: 7 nights
Itineraries: Western Mediterranean browsing Italy (such as Sicily), Malta, France and Spain
Sailing Period: November 13 to December 31

Costa Fortuna
Capability (at 100% Occupancy): 2,720
Crafted: 2003
Homeports: Savona (Italy) Tarragona and Barcelona (Spain) and Marseille (France)
Duration: Three and four nights
Itineraries: Quick Western Mediterranean cruises traveling to Spain, Italy and France
Sailing Season: September 24 to November 17

Jap Mediterranean

Costa Venezia
Potential (at 100% Occupancy): 4,232
Built: 2019
Homeports: Istanbul (Turkey)
Duration: 7 evenings
Itineraries: Two diverse 7 days-prolonged itineraries going to Greece and Turkey
Sailing Year: May perhaps 1 to November 13

Costa Deliziosa
Potential (at 100% Occupancy): 2,260
Constructed: 2010
Homeports: Venice (Italy)
Length: 4 to seven nights
Itineraries: Greek Island, Italy, Croatia and Montenegro showcasing visits to Bari, Break up, Santorini, Mykonos and far more
Sailing Year: April 20 to December 30

Costa Pacifica
Ability (at 100% Occupancy): 3,000
Constructed: 2009
Homeports: Bari (Italy)
Duration: Seven nights
Itineraries: 7 days-lengthy itinerary going to Greek Islands, Malta and Sicily
Sailing Year: June 4 to September 17

Costa Luminosa
Capacity (at 100% Occupancy): 2,260
Designed: 2009
Homeports: Trieste (Italy)
Duration: Seven nights
Itineraries: Week-extended itinerary browsing Greece, Croatia, Italy and Montenegro
Sailing Season: June 4 to Oct 29

Northern Europe

Costa Diadema
Ability (at 100% Occupancy): 3,700
Designed: 2014
Homeports: Kiel (Germany) and Copenhagen (Denmark)
Size: 7 nights
Itineraries: Norwegian Fjords
Sailing Season: May 27 to September 3

Costa Fascinosa
Ability (at 100% Occupancy): 3,012
Created: 2012
Homeports: Kiel (Germany)
Duration: 10 to 12 evenings
Itineraries: Baltic and Norway (which includes Cape North)
Sailing Time: June 9 to September 13

Costa Favolosa
Capacity (at 100% Occupancy): 3,012
Designed: 2011
Homeports: Stockholm (Sweden)
Duration: Seven evenings
Itineraries: Baltic with visits to Helsinki, St. Petersburg and Tallinn
Sailing Period: May well 28 to September 17

Costa Fortuna
Potential (at 100% Occupancy): 2,720
Constructed: 2003
Homeports: Ijmuiden and Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Bremerhaven (Germany)
Duration: 11 to 14 nights
Itineraries: Iceland, Norwegian Fjords, British Islands and more
Sailing Time: June 12 to August 28


Costa Serena
Capability (at 100% Occupancy): 4,000
Constructed: 2007
Homeports: TBD
Size: TBD
Itineraries: Community program in Asia
Sailing Period: Summer months 2022