City of Grottoes (Grand Caverns) – Tour Manual

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Mar 21, 2022

Apr 21, 2022



Contains but not minimal to leading guided walking excursions and Wild Caving tours for Scouts, Faculties, and the Standard Public. Running a money register, answering customer calls and helping buyers. Assisting to approach and execute Special Activities scheduled in the park. Occasional routine maintenance these types of as typical landscaping, mowing, hiking trail upkeep, and mild housekeeping in the museum and present shop.

If you enjoy mother nature and the outdoors this career is a good in shape. Geology and Heritage students encouraged to implement. Appear see what all we have to offer you. This career is local authorities.


Recurrent exertion of 10 kilos of drive and on event up to 50 pounds. Means to lead substantial groups on a wide variety of tours. Tours very last all over 70 minutes. Most times count on to do 3 to 4 tours a shift. Standing is required for most of the working day.

How to apply:

$11.00/hr. + gratuity

Several hours for each week
15 – 40

Unique several hours
Day by day 9am – 5pm workforce are ordinarily off by 6:30 pm. Scheduling is versatile.

Period of placement
component time (permenant) or seasonal (ends sept. 1st)

Employer Details

Get in touch with
Tracey Collins


Electronic mail
[email protected]


5 Grand Caverns Dr., Grottoes, VA, 24441