Bethesda Teases All New Experience In Epic Trailer

Bethesda Softworks has a minimal a thing prepared to tide us more than when we wait around for The Elder Scrolls VI.

This yr, the developer will launch a brand name-new journey for The Elder Scrolls On the web – one that claims to give players entry to a “never ever-right before-viewed” component of Tamriel crammed with new tales and cultures to working experience.

Acquire a look at the beautiful cinematic teaser trailer underneath. It truly is not a lot to go on, but you can be absolutely sure hardcore enthusiasts are currently scouring each individual inch of it for clues.

Bethesda is not going to be sharing substantially additional on the expansion for a tiny even though however, but fans are already speculating that ship-based mostly exploration and beat will be a essential attribute of this new journey. It really is tough to overlook the chance, provided the three ships that glide by the ocean in direction of the shore. The Elder Scrolls Online‘s 3 factions? Quite almost certainly!

Reddit also thinks that the enlargement usually takes area in the Bretons’ residence province of Significant Rock, a coastal region dotted with mysterious islands and a great deal of rugged terrain. It absolutely matches up with what we can see in the trailer. No doubt its lots of islands and craggy nooks would be the best in good shape for an journey filled with shocking new stories and fatal secrets and techniques.

The only catch here is that we have witnessed Significant Rock in Elder Scrolls games in advance of – most notably in Daggerfall and The Elder Scrolls On the net. However, there is each likelihood Large Rock is what we’re observing in the trailer, and that the region is just 1 smaller part of the adventures that await.

Complete particulars on this forthcoming yr-lengthy tale will be unveiled by Bethesda afterwards this month. You can tune in on Twitch for the total reveal on January 27.