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Herbal steam bath (vashpasweda)

Herbal bath


Special Treatments


Navarakizhi involves fomentation of the body with a bolus of cooked rice tied up in lines bags. Rice is cooked in milk and a herbal decoction. The boluses are dipped in to herbal decoction of warm milk and massaged all over the body after a gentle massage

Nasal therapy (Nasya) 15 min

Nasya is a nasal administration of medicated powders or liquid drops. The powders or drops can be of a calming nature that helps to promote sleep or relaxation, by cleansing and stimulating nasal channels.

Shirodhara (25min)

Shirodhara is the process of running a fine stream of warm ayurvedic oils on the “third eye” Area of the four head for a period of approximately 25 min a day for a period of 3 days.

Fomentation (20min)

Traditional rejuvenating ayurvedic treatment which utilizes heated compresses or boluses filled with fresh and dried herbs ranging from seeds, flowers, leaves, stems, and roots.

Kati wasthi (20min)

The central partial of the body is called kati.vasthi implies a container. Kati wasthi is an effective therapy for katisula which is the term for lower Bach ache or stiffness or pain felt along the back.

Herbal steam bath (vashpasweda)20min

This is a special procedure of sudation. Of all the technique mentioned to bring heat in to the of the oldest traditional ways of deeply cleansing the skin. The body is enclosed in a steam box with only the head left exposed.

Herbal bath 20min

Cleansing the surface of the body is considered to be a sacred ritual in many parts of Asia .the body is prepared for bathing first by receiving an oil massage. Ayurvedic bath helps to eliminate toxins from the body, promotes resilience, reduces stiffness and softens the skin and effective on certain skin conditions too.

Shirovasthi 45 min

Shirovasthi is considered more of a palliative (shamana) treatment than an eliminative (shodana)one. The treatment is usually proceeded by oleation (snehana) and sudation (swedana).

Pichu 20 min

Pichu and shirovasthi are theoretically same except for the modes of application, which differs very slightly. Both treatments are for ailments affecting the region, above the neck, especially due to disrupt vathadoshas.

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