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Head massage

Facial massage (mukaabhynga)

Foot massage (padaabhyanga)


Herbal steam bath (vashpasweda)

Herbal bath


Massage Theraphies

Head massage (shiroabhyanga) 20 min

Oil is applied to the head and absorbed in to the scalp through the roots of the hair. Thisnourishes, lubricates, & strengthens the hair roots and the skin of the scalp preventing hair loss & premature graying. It improves circulation to the head, relaxing the muscles and nerve fibers.

Facial Face massage (mukaabhyanga)20 min

This massage sequence draws on the ancient wisdom of the ayurvedic system and works locally reflexively. Locally to t improve the skin and up lift the face, and reflexively to relax and deeply nourish the whole body.

Neck and shoulder massage.  20min

Special herbal oil is applied to the neck and the shoulder to release muscular spasm, rheumatic pain and stress related conditions as the neck and the shoulder area is so often stiff and tense.

Body massages (abhyanga) 45min

Body massage is always given with different types of oil depending on the body type (i.evatha ,pittha, kapha or a combination)it is very beneficial for general rejuvenation, skin and muscular skeletal conditioning or problems such as obesity body aches and pains.

Back massage (pashchimaabhyanga) 20min

The massage is performed with a ‘pain reducing herbal oils’ on the back and along the spine. Back massage can have profoundly relaxing effect, lowering stress level, easing pain and inducing a blissful state of repair most of us get the occasional back ache.

Foot massage (padaabhyanga) 25 min

During foot massage, special attention is focused on the “tender spots”. This massage produces a reflect effect on the internal organs as well as creating a combined soothing and invigorating effect.

Powder massage (udwarthana)45min

udwarthana means to elevate or to promote. The name can be attributed either to the treatments ability to improve the body condition in the body.

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